Our mission is to help businesses and organizations by effectively creating skilled manpower. ASDAM’s training is implemented with the objective to train the students in the techniques of transferring hands-on skills. ASDAM delivers a diverse range of learning and talent development programs to individuals and corporate learners, enterprises and institutions. Structure of training program is such that comprehensive training both in skill development and methodology is imparted to the trainees.

We aspire to be the ‘partner of choice’ for all clients’ Organization and Talent Development initiatives through our excellence of work, integrity, speed of response and dedication; Leading to enduring relationships.

Execution 100%
Modeling 90%
Design 80%
Optimization 70%
Monitering 60%

We constantly aspire to reinvent ourselves and our work & offer unique solutions with added value to our clients in each intervention.

We respect individual capabilities, strengths & opinions and promote consideration of feelings, needs & individual sensitivities. Constructive feedback, honoring commitments & collaborating on different viewpoints are our major imperatives to establish this value.

We always strive to push ourselves to deliver the best results in agreed timelines. We seek growth through new opportunities, innovative projects & stimulating experiences.

We take full responsibility & commit strong partnerships with all our clients through loyalty, honesty & complete reliability. We follow solution oriented approach & keep the best interests of our clients in mind.



All learning starts with memorization of some kind. we provide you some effective memorization techniques which can speed up this process.



Once you successfully memorize, you may start to gain knowledge. The limitation of knowledge, though, is that it is still simply memorized information at the end of the day.



intelligence needs to be about something. Things like an “IQ test” actually just test some specific intelligences, like spacial or logical intelligence,



What makes experts amazing is that they’ve created such big, powerful shortcuts that they can reach better conclusions, faster.